S K S Textiles Limited is an ISO 9000:2015 certified Company engaged in the business of Textile Manufacturing and Trading. Our Company is engaged in the manufacture of grey fabrics and finished fabrics for shirtings & suiting for its own brand and also on outsourcing basis for other fabric / garment companies. We have an installed capacity of 3,25,000 mtrs / month for manufacture of various fabrics from natural and man-made fibres specializing in 100% cotton, Giza, Supima, cotton blended fabrics, polyester viscose and polyester cotton.

We manufacture various fabrics like 100% Cotton – Lycra and Non-Lycra, Blended Cotton Suiting – Chief Value Cotton, Polyester Cotton, 100% Cotton Yarn Dyed , Polyester Viscose, Terry Rayon Suiting and Mock Linen under our brand names – Pierricarrlo, Cotbbelly’s and Earthen Belly.